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Yeoval Central School BYOD Mission Statement


Yeoval Central School recognises that the increasing availability of personal mobile devices has accelerated the demand for new models of learning. The connection to their own personal mobile device is primarily for the purpose of developing 21st century learning skills and for fostering digital literacy, fluency and citizenship in a safe environment. The use of personal mobile devices at school will deepen learning, will be personalised and student­ centred, and will meet the expectations of teachers,students, parents and caregivers.

Access to the school's and the Department of Education network, includingthe internet, will be made available to students primarily for their learning activities where appropriate. The term personal device refers to any approved technology device brought into the school and owned by students.


Yeoval Central School aims to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource collaboration, innovation and communication. The students are expected to use all digital tools, online services and digital resources in a responsible, ethical and legal manner, demonstrating respect for others and an appreciation of the right to learn of all students.

When at school students will only use the "nswdet" wireless network, any other network used eg 3G/4G will be deemed inappropriate. Any action that disrupts or is likely to disrupt the learning environment or interfere with the operation of the School is also deemed inappropriate.


Teachers will use a range of technologies to complement teaching and learning in the classroom.

They will facilitate student access to information on their device in support of and to enrich the curriculum while taking into account the varied instructional needs, learning styles,abilities and developmental levels of students. The use of a student's own device in class is at the direction of the teacher.

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